Business Introduction

The only specialized manufacturer in Japan that deals exclusively in wax
Nippon Seiro was established in 1929 as a subsidiary of the South Manchuria Railway with the purpose of producing wax domestically and supplying the Navy with the heavy oil obtained in the manufacturing process.
The company was closed down at the end of the war in 1945, but was rebuilt in 1951 as the new Nippon Seiro Co., Ltd.
Since then, we have contributed to the growth and development of Japan's industrial economy for more than half a century as the only specialized manufacturer dealing in petroleum wax in Japan.
Today, we manufacture and sell high-quality waxes, mainly paraffin waxes and microcrystalline waxes made primarily from petroleum, as well as their by-products, meeting a wide variety of applications in all kinds of fields.
Providing high quality products with reliable technology
The Tokuyama Plant, located in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is responsible for manufacturing Nippon Seiro's flagship products.
The Tokuyama Plant has been upgrading its facilities, and manufactures outstanding products through an original process that combines the multi-stage press sweating method and the modern solvent deoiling method, based on reliable technology and strict quality management cultivated over many years.
The waxes produced in this way are called "Nichiro products" (Nichiro: short form of calling Nippon Seiro in Japanese) and have earned the trust of customers.
In addition, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management systems. This verifies that not only our quality but also our overall business management system for improving customer satisfaction is at a high level that meets international standards.
Unshakable reputation for high quality even overseas
Nippon Seiro's waxes are exported to about 30 countries around the globe, mainly to the United States, Central and South America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, where they are widely used for various applications.
Tried and trusted for high quality, we boast excellent recognition in all regions as a manufacturer customers can trust.
In order to maintain our quality, we insist on domestic production, and all of our products are manufactured at our Tokuyama Plant and Tsukuba Plant.
Currently, about half of the total annual production volume is made for overseas markets.
Moving forward, we will continue to utilize our high quality and stable supply capabilities to actively focus on supply in the rubber and copier printer (toner) fields, where demand is expected to continue to increase, aiming to ensure continuous revenue.

Strengths of Nippon Seiro


Outstanding technical capabilities to meet demands in specialty fields

At Nippon Seiro, we can also meet specialty needs for waxes that require high performance in very limited areas.
In particular, we have achieved great results in aging prevention for various rubber products such as tires.
Wax is kneaded into the raw rubber material to form a film that blocks ozone in the air, which causes aging, and prevents cracking.
As the components that exert this effect vary with temperature, it is necessary to make subtle adjustments to the wax composition according to weather conditions and other factors.
The foundation of our ability to meet such high-level demands is the experience we have accumulated as a specialized wax manufacturer in the production of materials and the technical capabilities we have cultivated through this experience. This is Nippon Seiro's greatest strength.

Abundant variety for a wide range of applications

Nippon Seiro's waxes stand above the rest not only in quality, but also in their abundant variety.
In particular, waxes called special products that have been refined to a high level of purity play an important role in fields that are also experiencing remarkable growth in demand.
For example, the waxes used in thermal transfer printer inks help to improve adhesion to paper.
In addition, wax-based hot melt adhesives used in bookbinding and plywood factory lines are liquefied by heating, are applied, and then harden as they cool to complete the bonding process. This eliminates the need for drying or evaporation of the volatile components of the solvents.
Because it is friendly to both users and the environment, we expect stable demand in the future.

Utilizing high recognition to expand our global business

Nippon Seiro's waxes are highly regarded around the globe for their abundant variety and quality, meeting a wide variety of needs of various countries with different circumstances.
As all kinds of industries are globalizing, Nippon Seiro is making the most of the trust we have gained over the years and our high quality, focusing on expanding our sales network, supply system, and service system in order to further expand our business on the global market, where demand is expected to continue to grow.