Thank you very much for visiting the Nippon Seiro website.

We are a wax manufacturer that will celebrate its 100th founding anniversary in 2029. Wax is widely used in numerous final products such as food, automobiles and leisure goods, as well as for a wide range of industrial applications. It is an essential material for making our lives richer and more comfortable.

Our specialty waxes, which have high functionality and quality and are produced with the reliable technology we have cultivated since our founding, enjoy the overwhelming No. 1 market share in Japan thanks to the patronage of our customers, and the “Nippon Seiro” brand is also highly regarded in the global market.

Our products are used in the products of our customers, and ultimately reach the general consumer. Our mission is to help our customers create better products with the power of our technology. We will continue to deliver specialty waxes with new values that can meet ever-evolving demands of our customers.
Johei Takimoto, President and Representative Director