We will pursue the hidden potential of wax and convey it to the world.
We deliver waxes that support the age of the future.


Business Introduction

Specialized wax manufacturer with over 70% of the domestic sales
Our products are highly regarded around the globe for their abundant variety and quality, meeting a wide variety of needs of various countries with different circumstances.
  • 01.
    No.1 share of domestic sales at
    70 %
    Comprehensive specialized wax manufacturer with the No. 1 share of the domestic market. We manufacture and sell high-quality waxes as well as their by-products, meeting a wide variety of applications in all kinds of fields.
  • 02.
    Established in
    Since our establishment, we have dealt exclusively in wax to establish technical skills and trust. The waxes produced through the reliable technical skills we have cultivated over many years are known as "Nichiro products" (Nichiro being an abbreviation of our name, Nippon Seiro, in Japanese), and they are highly regarded for their quality.
  • 03.
    Export sales to over
    30 countries
    Our products are exported to about 30 countries around the globe, mainly to the United States, Central and South America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, where they are widely used for various applications.

Product Information

One of the world's leading wax specialists
handling a wide variety of waxes

About WAX

Wax is an environmentally and user friendly, safe,
and harmless natural

About Nippon Seiro

The only comprehensive wax manufacturer in Japan