FDA Standards

Petroleum wax is used not only for industrial purposes, but also as a food additive and as a packaging material in direct contact with food. Therefore, a high level of hygiene is required.
As a result of the safety evaluation of petroleum wax by the American Petroleum Institute, it was confirmed that if the ultraviolet absorbance of a specific wavelength is below a certain value, petroleum wax does not pose a problem in terms of carcinogenicity and general toxicity.
Based on the results of this study, the FDA established a method for measuring ultraviolet absorbance and an upper limit, and approved petroleum waxes that do not exceed this limit for use as food additives to guarantee safety.

  Maximum ultraviolet absorbance per centimeter path length
280~289 nm 0.15
290~299 nm 0.12
300~359 nm 0.08
360~400 nm 0.02